SQS Holding
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SQS Holding S.A. with its headquarters in Cracow, is a group of companies established in 2016 from the combination of two companies: HR Team Sp. z o.o. and SQS Solutions Sp. z o.o., present on the market for over 14 years. The founders and major shareholders are Dariusz Kańka and Michał Roś.


general information


The SQS Group intends to take advantage of favourable conditions on the labor market in Poland through the development of activities carried out by HR TEAM, a recruitment agency.
According to statistical data, as much as 60 percent. large and medium-sized companies operating in Poland have problems with finding suitably qualified employees. The Group may use a favourable market environment because it has the know-how in the effective provision of employees despite the missing labor force on the domestic market.
The development strategy of the SQS Group assumes further development of services provided in the field of human resources for companies from the production, sales and other services sectors. Long-term relationships with this type of entities and the developed market position result in the Group's extensive access to large orders from reliable entities, which is confirmed by the inquiries addressed constantly to SQS.

and vision

The SQS Holding S.A. team is a team consisting of from the best engineers, graduates of renowned technical universities and HR specialists, who have many years of experience gained in the structures of international manufacturing companies, mainly in the AUTOMOTIVE industry, transfer the client - SQS to the platform of cooperation. Our strength is the specialised staff, as well as its high culture of work and organisation.
The main recipients of SQS Group services are manufacturers, suppliers and sub-suppliers of the aviation, automotive, HVAC, electronic and household appliances industries.
Our contractors can be sure that every project and every task is carried out with the utmost care and the use of the best engineering solutions.
Such a structure allows for the synergy of knowledge and the implementation potential of employees and companies. This makes the Holding perfectly prepared for the implementation of comprehensive services and technologically complex tasks.


SQS Group services are the largest companies from the production and sales sectors.
Services in the field of employment agencies are provided by HR Team Sp. z o.o. while quality control services by SQS Solutions Sp. z o.o.
The company is entered in the register kept by the District Court for Kraków Śródmieście XI Economic Department under the number KRS 0000653324, Tax Identification Number: 6772411806.

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SQS Holding S.A.

ul. Samuela Lindego 14
30-148 Krakow
t: +48 12 346 57 03

Tax Identification Number: 677-24-11-806
Regon number: 366114119
Share capital: 300 000,00 PLN
National Court Register number: 0000653324
District Court for Kraków Śródmieście
XI Commercial Department