SQS Holding S. A.

SQS Holding S.A. specializes in providing employee posting and quality control services for the largest manufacturing companies in Poland.
The main recipients of SQS Group services are manufacturers, suppliers and sub-suppliers of the aviation, automotive, HVAC, electronic and household appliances industries.


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Outplacement of employees

We also deal with the outplacement of employees, who’s employment has already been terminated due to company’s circumstances or are in such risk.

Proces Improvement

Thanks to years of experience gained while working with our Clients, and to our qualified engi- neers, we implement solutions supporting production processes, as well as, eliminating root causes of issues, i.a. quality issues.

Resident Engineer

The Resident Engineers are experts and experienced advisors representing customers at receivers branch.

New brand image SQS

For the first time we have an opportunity to present the strength and the quality of our brands built in the last 14 years. We invest in our development and it is vital that our image is a representation of our skills and quality.


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SQS Holding S.A.

ul. Samuela Lindego 14
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